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FINALLY! Fusion 360 RS-232 Serial

Autodesk Fusion 360 is an excellent program. A single program to do almost everything you need to machine parts. Drawings, Modeling, and a really nice CAM system! The one thing it doesn't have is a way to communicate with older machines.

My friend's shop has an older Fadal machine that doesn't have any USB ports. In order to send programs to it from fusion, they had to open up their old CAM program and import the G-code, then send it using the old CAM program.

Competitors, such as GibbsCAM or MasterCAM, have had RS 232 features for years!

Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I made an add-in for Fusion 360 that sends programs to CNC machines via RS-232 serial. I call it - Serial to CNC. Clever, I know. This app was just published on 5/12/2020 at 3:00am and I'm very excited to see people use it.

If you are interested in using this program it, buy and install from the Autodesk App Store!

The add-in is only $10!

To make this, I had to learn how to make add-ins for Fusion 360, and also re-learn Python since it's been a few years since I made anything cool with it. Fusion 360 is tough to develop for - especially on a Mac. It became a lot easier when I built my new PC.

Anyways, I hope this add-in helps out a bunch of people looking for this missing feature! It sure helped my friend and his shop!

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  • Richard Turner 8 months ago
    I just download this software, and it is not finding/seeing all my serials ports that I use for my RS232 communications with my machines. Other programs such as HSM Editor & Cimco Editor & ProDNC see my serial ports without any issues. Any ideas why not?

  • is it possible to run a 3dprinter bord from it ? marlin software compatible ?