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Laguna Swift Files & Updates

Laguna Swift Files & Updates

My robotics team, Team 7226 - Waverly Robotics - Error 404, just got a Laguna Swift 4x4 CNC machine.

We plan to make several upgrades and additions to the machine, so they will all be here, or linked here.

Vacuum Table:

Big thank you to Bill Clark of FRC Team 308 and Team 7178. He has been a big help with everything for our team, especially the router and the Vacuum Table. The table inspirations come directly from Bill.

We are making a 48" x 48" (ish) vacuum table. The vacuum area is 47" x 48" and the total size of the vacuum table is 49" x 65"

This is to allow 48" x 48" sheets of aluminum to be held by the table.

The table is made of 2 sheets of 4'x8' MDF (Which actually measures 49" wide if you get it from Home Depot (which is what you want)). Basically, the table is nothing more than some cut outs for baffels, and a sheet on top with some holes. One big hole to suck the air out, 3648 holes for the sheet of whatever you put on.

Pictures: 3d Model:

3d Model (No top to show baffels):

Side 1 Op 1 complete:

Side 1 Op 2 complete:

Side 2 Op 2 complete, then glued and vacuumed down to side 1:

More to come in the following days


CAD model of the table:

Laguna Swift 4x4 CNC Table CAD Model (.step)

NOTE: This is not a perfect model of the table, however, it's close enough

CAD Model of the Vacuum Table:

Laguna Swift Vacuum Table

Note: Not fully complete. I plan on adding holes for bolts for the T-Slots

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