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Chad's Non-Software Projects
A short list of just some of the non-programming projects that I've done

Make your own Corsair iCUE LED Strips!

Corsair iCue is a cool program that allows you to customize the RGB lighting in your case. But the Corsair-branded LED strips are not only expensive, but they also don't fit every application

Fortunatly, making your own is easy enough, provided you have the right tools

Tools Required:
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire strippers
Recommended tools:
  • Molex Crimper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Multimeter
  • WS2812B LED Strip
  • Double sided tape
  • Wire (26-20 awg) (24awg recommended)
  • Molex 0050579403 (female connector housing)
  • Molex 0016020102 (female pins) (at least 3 but get plenty in case you mess up)


  • Mol...
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